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I am George, (self-styled as Palamattam Xavier George – in short , P.X. George) son of Xavier, the last son of Varkey who migrated from Kuravilangad. I lived in the ancestral house at Kothamangalam, studied up to fifth standard in elementary school, Kothmangalam and rest of the studies in St. George School, passed out in 1960, migrated to Coimbatore on 1-6-1962. Since then I am living there. My family details are given in this booklet. 

I am making an attempt to find out how far is the Palamattam family spread over from its base at Kothamangalam. There was a family koottayma of Kothamangalam  Palamattam families and I attended a family meeting some years back in the house of Mr. Antony (Manichettan’s son) living at Nellimattam/Kavalangad. However it did not take-up further.

The inspiration for this work now came from Mr. Varkeyachan (Dr. George Palamattam), son of Aanakkallungale Pailychettan (the second son of Joseph who migrated from Kuravilangad). Varkeyachan is living in Chicago, USA. During our recent visit to USA, he made some references and enquiries about the Palamattam Kudumba Koottayma at Kuravilangad. This Koottayma has world wide membership and has a very large base and network, including Europe, America, etc.

I have made lot of enquiries, sometimes repeatedly and few might have got annoyed and scolded me too. Thank you very much for your patience and cooperation. Excuse me for testing your patience. There may be mistakes in the compilation. You can call me and I will correct it. I am making an attempt. Success or failure depend upon your enthusiasm. Suggestions are welcome.

Ancestral History in short

History records that  St. Thomas, Apostle and disciple of Jesus Christ came to India in AD 52.  He landed in Kodungalloor (known also as Muziris), a port town in Trichur district. I am writing this note on my own after ascertaining information from various sources of communications for the sake of members of Palamattam family, also from what I heard from my ancestors.  I am trying to gather some information and to stitch together the family history so that the future generation will have some inkling about their ancestors. You too might have heard about these things. Kindly excuse me if there is anything unacceptable..                

It is believed that St. Thomas came to Palayoor, by boat from Kodungalloor through inner water ways (back waters),  a township in Trichur district.  Brahmins and Jews lived in that town.   There St. Thomas saw some Brahmins in a pond, chanting hymns and taking water from the pond in their hands and throwing up against Sun god. Seeing this St. Tomas said to them that their offerings were not accepted by their god Sun as the water thrown up, fell back to the pond. Then St. Thomas told the Brahmins that his God will accept his offering and the water will not fall down. He was willing to do that offering provided the Brahmins believe in his God. The Brahmins accepted it. The St. Thomas went down to the pond, prayed to God, took water in his hands and threw it up. The water did not fall down to the pond. It remained in the air as water particles. Not only that the place from where he took the water remained hollow. The Brahmins were surprised and convinced  about the God of St. Thomas. Many Brahmin families received baptism from St. Thomas.

In that group of Brahmin families, received baptism direct from St. Thomas included the Pakalomattam or Palamattam family.

It seems , some of these Brahmins later migrated from Palayoor to Kuravilangad,  a township in Kottayam district.  Two brothers, Varkey and Joseph from Kuravilangad migrated to Kothamangalam and bought adjacent plots of land by the side of Kothamangalam-Thattekkad road, near High Range junction, close to the present St. George cathedral   and gave a beginning to the Palamattam family at Kothamangalam. The eldest of them might be Varkey and Joseph the younger. It is not known whether they were own brothers or cousins. Their lively hood or previous history or what they were doing at Kothamangalam, are not known. Their pictures are also not available.  We will see further the growth of these two families in the following chapters.


(The first brother migrated from Kuravilangad)

Varkey seems to be the elder brother of the two brothers who migrated to Kothmangalam from Kuravilangad. Varkey married Annam from Chittem family, Mudikkirayi. Varkey and Annam had seven children.

I.Mariyam(d) – Joseph(h)
   Mariyam was married to Chittoopparamban family at Kothamangalam

II.Annam (d) – Vareed(h)    
    Annam was married to Malekkudi family at Meenkunnam.

III.Rosamma(d) –
     Rosamma was married to a  Veliyanookkaran family at Muvattupuzha.

IV.Paily(s) – Elisa(w)
     Paily was married to Thekinen house, Manjapra

Varkey(s) – Alikutty(w)
     Varkey was married to Ilavumkudi house, Aimuri, Koovappadi.

Kunjeli(d) – Pappu(h)
      Kunjeli was married to Pulakudiyil house, Kothamangalam.

VII. Xavier(s) – Mary(w)
       Xavier got married to Chelliyampuram house at Cherukunnam.


Mariam was the eldest of the seven children of Varkey

Mariyam had five children. They are:

      (1)Kochuvarkey(s) – Rosamma(w)
      (2) Alikutty(d) – Sowri (w)
      (3)Devasy(s) – Mariam(w)
      (4)Pappukutty(Joseph)(s) –Alikutty(w)
      (5)Annamma(d)-Pappu –  9656129666 Antony


Kochuvarkey was the eldest son of Mariam. He had two children. They  lived near Koventhappadi at Kothamangalam-Nadukani road. His children are:

(1) Pappu(s) – Thresiakutty (w)

Pappu’s Children: 

  • Joy(s)-Mary(w)
  • Lizy(d)-Baby(h)
  • Kennedy(s)-Jaisy(w)
  • Jose(s)-Smitha(w)

(2)  Mariakutty(D) – Paily(h)

Her Children

  • Rosily(d)-Johny(h)
  • Cherian(s)-Sherly)w)
  • Baby(s)-
  • Savi(s)-Lizy(w)
  • Gracy(d)-Jose(h)
  • Vincent(s)-Lizy(w)
  • Benny(s)-


Alikutty was married to Kappaiarte family. They were living near High Range junction, Kothmangalam. She had seven children. They are:

(2) Paily(s)-Rosakutty(w)
(3)Mary(d) – Nun
(4)Antony(s)-Sali(w) – 9745010832


Devasy was married to Veliath house and were living near Koventhappadi at Kothamangalam-Nadukani road. He had nine  Children.

Devasy’s children:

(1) Mary Grace(d) – unmarried – Nun
(2) Annakutty(d)-Thomas husband
(3) Antony(s)-Lilly(w)
(4) Paul(s)-Annie(w)
(5) Joseph – unmarried – Priest
(6) George(s)-Valsa(w)
(7) Omana(d)-Peter(h)
(8) Rani(d)-Tomi(h)
(9) Vincent(s)-Leena(w)


Pappukutty had six children. They lived near Cheriapally at Kothamangalam.
Pappukutty’s Children:

(1) Jessy Maria (d) – Nun
(2) Annakutty(d)-Joseph(h)
(3) Jose(s)-Mary(w)
(4) Peter(s)-Rosily(w)
(5) Baby(s) – Not married
(6) Benny(s)-Jessy(w) – 9847577601


Annam was the second child of Varkey. She was married to Vareed, Malekkudi house at Meenkunnam and she had three children

Annam’s children:

(1)Kunjeli(d)-Ittira(h) – Koonathan house, Okkal
(2)Annakutty(d)-Ghevarghese(h) – Kallungal house, Ndungapra
(3)Paulose(s)-Annamma(w) Meenkunnam (now Mananthavadi, Wayanad)


Kunjely had six children  Kunjely’s Children

(1) Kunjeli (d) – Devasikutty 
Children: (a) Mercy(d),  (b) Daisy(d),  (c) Jolly(s), (d)Shyam(s)

(2) Chinnamma(d) Paulose(h)
Children: (a) Thangachan(s), (b) Shaju (s) (c) Titus(s), (d) Lizy(e),(e) Biju(s) ,(f) Shysy (s)

(3) Leelamma(d) – Thomas(h)
Children: (a)  Shysy (d), (b) Poppy(s) (c) Kunjumon(s) (d) Sumi(d), (e) Somy

(4) Cicily(d) – Sunnichan(h)
Children:  (a) Ajish (s), (b) Asha(d), (c) Ramya(d)

(5) (e) Pappachan(s) – Alikutty(w) Children: (a) Elsy (daughter – Nun),
(b) Tittus(s) – Kochuthrsia (w) : (c) Shisy(d) (d) Sheeja (d), (e) Shali(d)         
Children of Titus:         
 Children:  (a) Alby(s) –  Jeethu(w)
 (b)Ingitha(d) – Rijo(h)
Contact:  Kochuthresia:  7558098629


Annakutty had seven children  annakutty’s Children

(1)Sebastian – Unmarried  –  Priest
(2)Mary – unmarried – nun
(3)George – unmarried – Priest
(6) Jose(s)-Lizy(w)
(7)Celene – unmarried – nun


Paulose(s) – Annamma(w) Malekudi family

(a) Susannam(d) – Joseph(h)
(b) Kochurani(d) – unmarried  — Nun
(c) Rosily(d) – Stephen(h)
(d) George(s) – Jolly(w)
(e) Philomina(d) – Mithun(h)


Rosamma was married to Velivannookkaran family at Moovattupuzha.  Husband died early.  No children                


Paily had eight children

  1. Annakutty(d)-Paul(h)   –  (grand mother’s name)
  2. Varkeykunju(s) – Veliyath house
  3. Thresiakutty(d)-Augustin(h)
  4. Mariakutty(d)-Paul(h)
  5. Rosakutty(d) – Unmarried (Nun)
  6. Pappachan(s)- – Unmarried – no children
  7. Kunjappan(s)-
  8. Peter(s)-Mary(w)

Contact No. Paulson :  8606497988 ,  Lissy       :  6282287641



(1)Annie  (d)  –  Joseph (h) – family (granmother’s name)

(a)Nevin (s) – Sindhu (w)   – Children: (a) Hayden (s)  – (b) Hannah (d)
(b)Nelby  –  Giby    – Children: (a)  Deon (s) – (b) Dean (s) – (c)  Dillon (s)

(2) Mary (d) – Paulose – family


(a)Boby (s) – Jessy (w) –   Children: (a) Ann Maria (d)
(b) Rency(d) –    Roy(h)  – Children:  (d) Angel   (s)

(3) Varkeyachan(s) – Mini(w)  family  Children:  (s) Stenin
(4) Ouseppachan (s)– Unmarried – Priest
(5) Paulose (s)   –  Unmarrie
(6) Elsy (d)  –  Thomas (h)  family    Children:   (a) Fredi(s)  – Golde(w)
(7)Savy(s) (Unmarried)
(8) Antony (s) –  Stella ( w) – Children: (a) Anstin (s) – (b) Abhaya (w)
(9) Rosy   –   Baby family

Seeba(d) – Ajil(h)

Children:   (a)  Sibi(s)
Contact No: Annie : 8078002888


She was married to Pulakudiyl house. They had nine children (one died early)


  1. Annakutty(d) – Ulahannaan
  2. Rosakutty(d) – Unmarried – (Nun)
  3. Kochuthresia (d) – Unmarried – (Nun)
  4. Alikutty(d) – Unmarried – (nun)
  5. *Kutty(d) – Iype(h)
  6. Leelamma(d) – Unmarried = (nun)
  7. Cicily(d) – Unmarried (nun)
  8. Marydason(s) – Mercemma(w)
Annakutty(d) – Ulahannan(h)
    Children:  (a) Annie(d) – Ulahannan(h)
               (b) Elsy(d) – Antony(h)
               (c) Antony (s) – Fancy(w)
               (d) Kochuthresia(d) – George
               (e) George (s)– Unmarried – Priest
               (f) Rose Mary(d) – Sunny(h)
               (g) Polachan(s) – Shaji(w)
               (h) Binu(s) – Ciji(h)
Grand children:
Annie(d)-Ulahannan(h) Jomon(s) – Reena(w)
Children  –  Irin-s, Iyan- 2.Honey(d)Shiju(h) – 
 (a)Immanuel(s) , (b)Shine(s), (c)Sherin(d), (d)Celin(d)
    Elsy (d) – Antony(h) Children: (a) Sanju(s) – Vidhya(w)
 (b)Salomy (c) – Manoj,(d)Alfin(s)                                                
Kochuthresia (Sumam)(d) – George(h) – Children: Alina (d)
George (Joju) – unmarried – Priest
Rose Mary(d) – Sunny(h) – Children: (a) Shervin(s), Melvin(s)
Paulachan(s) – Shaji(w) – Children: (a) Ancy(d), (b) John(s)
 (c)Celene Rose(d)
 (g)Binu(s) – Ciji(w) – Children: Kutty(d) – Iype(h)
                Children:  (a) Ceci (d) – Vincent(h) – Children – (Tony-s)
 (b) Joekuttan(s) – Bindu (w) – Children: (Joyal-s, Meriyan-d) Marydason(s) – Mercamma(w)
 (a) Munna(s) – Teena (w)    Children (a) Raichel(d)
 (b) Michael
 (c) Isabel
 (b) Neethu (d) – Shibu (h)
Contact: Marydason :9744721406


He got married from Chelliampuram family, Cherukunnam. This was his second marriage. He married first from Kappiarte family, Kothamangalam. Both mother and child died. In the second marriage he had only one son, George. Xavier died when the child was just 2.5 years old.


(a)George (s) – Teresa(w) – Theroth family – Alappuzha


(a)Neil(s) –  Susan(w)    – Puthanveedu,  Pooyappilly, Kollam
Children – (a)  Sandra (d),(b) Syrus (s)
Neil is working in Sun TV as Vice President. Lives in Chennai
(b)Reeni (d) – Jenny(h) – Mylathottathil House, Thattekkad (now at 
Kakkanad)  Children – (a) Jerome (s), (b)  Sarah (d). All are
US citizens. Both Reeni and Jenny  are working in FedEx company as Managers.
(c)Neville(s)-Shweta(w) – Gwalior (M.P.) Children – (a) Aaron (s) (b) Aanika (d)
All are US citizens. Son working as Senior Manager in Comcast Company, Shweta is Director of a company.


PX George : 9442918813
Our address: All are welcome to visit us.
P.X. George
7-B, Sreepathinagar, 3rd Street
Nanjundapuram P.O.


(The second brother who migrated from Kuravilangad)

Joseph is the second brother, migrated to Kothamangalam from Kuravilangad  He had two sons

I. Mani (elder son)

I.MANI(S) – ROSA (W) – Pekanath family , Malayattoor
1.Celina(d) – Xavier(h)
Children (a) Bindu (d) – Jinu(h)
(b) Bigi(d)– George(h)
2.Antony(s) – Gracy(w) – Lives at Nellimattam, Kothamangalam.
Children (a)Ashal(s) – Josmi(w)
(b)Aneesh(s) – died
(c)Anju(d) – Ameesh(h)
Children: (i) Ann Maria(d)
(ii) Aaran(s)
3.Pappachan(s) – unmarried – brother – Lives in Idukki district at the high ranges.

4.Thomas(s) – Shiny(w) – Lives in Vadakkancherry (Palghat district)
Children (a) Amy(d) – Siju(h)
Children (a) Asel(s) (b) Agel(s)
(b)Fini (d) – Sherin(h) –
Children (a) Ceyra(d)(c)Britto (s)

5.Mary (d) – Stephen(h)
Children (a)Sibin(s) (b)Vibin(s)
Contact No. Biji: 9061873630
Thomas: 9400015118
Gracy: 8547365845


He married from Nellikkadan family, Kothmangalam. He had eight children.;

Paily’s Children:
1. Baby(d) – unmarried – Nun
2. Ouseppachan(s) – Elsamma(w) – Lives in Ernakulam.
3. Dr. Varkeyachan(s) – Lalu (w) – Lives in USA
4. Alikutty (d) – died – Jose(h)
5. Mary(d) – unmarried – Nun
6. Rosy(d) – Varghese (h)
7. Dr. Antony (s) – Bindu (w) – Lives in Bangalore
8. Jessy(d) – Antony(h)
Grand children

1.Baby(d) – unmarried – Nun
2.Ouseppachan(s) – Elsamma(w)
Children: (a) Ejo (s) (b)Bejo (s) (c) Ceji (d)
3.Varkeyachan(s) – Lalu(w) Children: (a) Paul
4.Alikutty(d) – Jose (h)
Children: (a) Bony(s)
5.Mary(d) – unmarried – Nun
6. Rosy(d) – Varghese(h)
Children: (a) Iba (d) (b)Ebel(s)
7. Dr. Antony(s) – Bindu(w) . Lives in Bangalore.
Children: (a) Georgre(s)(b)Maria(d)
8. Jessy(d) – Antony(h)
Children: (a) Akhil(s)
(b)Angel (d)
Contact: Antony:9448241951, Ouseppachan:9961319199

(The first brother migrated from Kuravilangad)

(The second brother who migrated from Kuravilangad)